Rochester, MN

Luther House

Welcome from our Luther House team! It is our desire to serve you in the name of Jesus while you are in town receiving medical care.

 Luther House, a ministry of our church, was launched in the spring of 2008. The Holy Spirit opened our eyes to the need of our out of town brothers and sisters in Christ to be lifted up while receiving medical care while away from their support networks at home. It is our desire to offer intercessory prayer, either phone or face to face contact with one of our caring members, and a ride to church and/or one of our Bible studies. Beyond that, we try to tailor our ministry to the unique needs of our guests and feel immensely blessed to have the opportunity to serve Christ in this way.

If you are looking for availability at the Luther House, please call or email Tricia at 507-218-1531 or

If you are looking for pastoral care, please contact:
Pastor Schwartz 816-806-6797 (
Pastor Haak 507-250-0828 (